PrefaceIbn Abi al Hadid , the great scholar and oustanding historian , accomplished his most noteworthy work by - commenting on the famous book of Hazrat Ali's sermons , Nahj - ul - Balaghah.The present publication is a translation of Ibn Abi - al - Hadid's introduction to commentaries on Nahj - Ul - Balag‌hali which goes to illustrate exquisitely certain eternal dimensions of the unfathomable devotion of Imam All ( a. s ).By publishing this scholarly and profoundly valuable work , the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization takes pride and pleasure ro present a glimpse of the immaculate Imam's life to his devoted followers as well as to those who seek enlightenment and justice in this world.Department of Translation and Publication ; Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.The Holy Prophet ( s ) addressed Hadrat Ali ( A. S .) as Abu Turab ( The father of earth ). It come to pass that one day he saw Ali lying upon the ground , fast asleep , with his cloak tossed to one side and dust covering his body. The Holy Prophet ( s ) sat down beside him , woke him up , brushed the dust off his clothes and said to him , " Sit up because you are Abu Turab ( the father of earth )." The Holy Prophet considered this to be the most endearing title by which he could address Ali. Ali himself was also pleased to be called by this title.