Ashura Poems in English, Explained and Annotated, vol. 2.
"No day does match yours, O Aba `Abd Allah!"
[لا یوم کیومک یا اباعبدالله]This statement has put an ever-lasting imprint on the face of humanity, human servitude to, and sacrifice for the sake of, the Almighty. There has not been any pearl more priceless and brighter than the ardent sacrifice performed and attained by the Infallible Imam al-Husayn, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson and the Prince of the Martyrs, on Ashura. There is a secret embedded in the Ashura event that it is shrouded in the merciful graces of the Almighty day and night.
Poetry is an art that gives spirit and enlivens the bare bodies of words and places them in the depth of people's spirits. However, a poet who has not utilized this divine gift for the purpose of rendering an account of the truths in the cause of Allah is bound to be an instance of "one who has incurred a manifest loss" (The Holy Quran, Sura al-Nisā’ [4]: 119)[فقد خسر خسرانا مبینا]. What work can match creating poems in rendering a description of Ashura?
The present book has been collated, developed, and edited by the esteemed scholar and academic Dr. Muhammad-Reza Fakhr-Rohani at the request of Al-Mustafa International Translation and Publication Center. This work is a precious gift for all devotees of virtues and humanity; it is a humble present before the Divine abode of Imam al-Husayn, the Prince of the Paradise Youths.