Leading The Ummah
Author(s): Ayatullah Jafar Subhani
Translator(s): Mahmud Farrokhpey
Publisher(s): ABWA Publishing and Printing Center
Category: Prophethood Imamate Miscellaneous information: Leading The Ummah.
By: Ja’far Subhani.
Translator: Mahmud Farrokhpey.
Editor: Tahereh Ansari.
Proofreader: Andalib Abbas.
Publisher: ABWA Publishing and Printing Center.
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Foreword؛ The Introduction To The Second Edition؛ What Is The Objective Of The Present Book?؛ Chapter 1: The Philosophy Of Recognizing The Imams (as)؛ Chapter 2:Two Hypotheses on Imamate؛ Chapter 3: The Reasons For The Validity Of Shiite’s View؛ Chapter 4: The Prophet Recognizes Imamate (as)؛ Chapter 5: Islamic Rules And The Holy Quran Need The Interpretation By Infallibles؛ Chapter 6: The Triangular Danger, The Three Enemies Of Islam؛ Chapter 7: Mental And Spiritual Perfection In The Light Of An Innocent Imam؛ Chapter 8: Is The Shiite View On Imamate Against The Principles Of Freedom?؛ Chapter 9: Consultation In Islam؛ Chapter 10:Let Us Be Fair In Our Judgments؛ Chapter 11: The Sad Story Of Saqifah Bani Saedah؛ Chapter 12: The Logic Of The Ansar And The Muhajirin؛ Chapter 13: Being The Leader Of A Congregation Is Not A Sign Of Greatness؛ Chapter 14: Governing Is Not Distinct From Spiritual Leadership؛ Chapter 15: The Caliphs’ Ignorance of Divine Commands؛ Chapter 16:The Prophet's Disciples Were Not Immune Against Sins؛ Chapter 17: The Narrative Reasons For The Leadership Of Imam Ali (as)؛ Chapter 18: The Event Of Ghadir (Part 1)؛ Chapter 19: The Event Of Ghadir (Part 2)؛ Chapter 20: The Event Of Ghadir (Part 3)؛ Chapter 21:Answers To Questions؛ Chapter 22: The Events Of Thaqalain And Safinah؛ Chapter 23: How Can A Sinner Be Innocent?؛ Chapter 24: The Reasons Behind The Infallibility Of The Divine Leaders؛ Chapter 25: The Greater The Responsibilities, The Heavier The Conditions؛ Chapter 26


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